Dr. Ilyadis Is Licensed In All 49 States, Plus Washington, D.C.

Why Does This Matter?

While telemedicine can mean greater access to care for patients, doctors can only treat patients via telemedicine if doctors have appropriate licensure to practice in the state where their patients are located.

According to CNBC, as demand for telemedicine grows, more doctors are seeking licenses in multiple states so they can tap into the technology to treat patients across state lines, but there’s still only a handful of doctors with licensure in all 50 states.

Dr. Latia Ilyadis is one of them. For patients of Island Health Concierge Medicine, this is a huge advantage.

Imagine you’re on a ski trip in Colorado and you fall – possibly spraining your ankle. Our office can quickly refer you to the best orthopedic specialist in your area, so you can be treated immediately and with outstanding care.

Similarly, if you’re on vacation in another state and you contract a bacterial infection, Island Health concierge can quickly and easily call in a prescription for you. Many doctors are unable to provide this service because they are only licensed in the state where they practice.

“Being licensed in all 50 states is incredibly beneficial for my patients,” said Dr. Latia Ilyais. “It enables me to treat snowbirds, families on vacation, or patients away on business, and it allows for continuity of care no matter where the patient is physically located.”