When Your Family's Care & Time Matter

Discover why Island Health Concierge Medicine is Right for You

What makes Island Health Concierge Medicine different from a traditional doctor's appointment?

The concierge medicine practice model is built around you as the patient. Because I limit the patients I take on, I can offer more comprehensive care. As a result, you get:

Same-day Appointments

Be seen by the Doctor the same day or the next business day

Get 24/7 Access

Contact Dr. Ilyadis by phone, email or text, day or night, and get a response 

Don't Feel Rushed

Get up to one-hour appointments of personalized quality time  

Get Personalized Care

Get customized healthcare solutions for your individual needs

Be Proactive

Take a preventative approach to stop disease before it starts 

I want to serve as your primary point of patient care and as your healthcare advocate.

I started Island Health Concierge Medicine because You are 100% unique. I believe every patient deserves personalized care with an Individual approach.  

I am dual board-certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics; this means I can offer a 100% customized approach for your entire family.  I treat patients of all ages and backgrounds. So whether you are:

At Island Health you will never be left alone to figure out important steps in your healthcare, I will help you navigate the challenges in the healthcare system.

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Island Health Concierge Medicine was Founded on My 4 Pillars of Comprehensive Patient Care

Individual Approach

I believe no two people are the same, therefore, I do not use cookie cutter care. My concierge practice model allows you to receive a truly individual approach based on your unique history and genetics, so nothing is overlooked.

Preventative Care

Most modern medicine is focused on treating symptoms and overlooking the root causes of disease. When you are properly diagnosed you can be empowered to adopt a lifestyle that provides lasting solutions to your health.

Lifestyle Medicine

I believe your treatment plan must fit your lifestyle. I love spending time getting to know my patients so we can craft a plan with progressive solutions that you can stick with. Lifestyle medicine is centered on the vision you have for living your best life.

Age without Feeling Old

I believe the human body is a wonderful and beautiful creation. One of my core beliefs is learning how to gracefully embrace the aging process. Imagine more dialogue with your doctor centered around your individual concerns so you can thrive in life regardless of your age.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will instruct his patient in the care of human frame, in diet and the cause and the prevention of disease”

Thomas Edison

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Learn why I chose to leave the industrial medical complex and you should too.

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James Cherrette
James Cherrette
Clean, never too crowded, and good clientele that come to work out, not pose/flex in the mirror for their social media like at Gold's Gym.
Manijeh Motaghy
Manijeh Motaghy
Wonderful so far.