"I Am Board Certified in Two Specialties, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics. My Unique Training Truly Allows Me to Serve You and Your Family by Providing Complete and Comprehensive Care.”

Susie WilsonSusie Wilson
10:56 30 May 23
Jenn MorganJenn Morgan
02:00 19 May 23
Dr. Ilyadis and her nurse , Amy are simply amazing. I was frustrated with the way our healthcare system was treating me like a number instead of an actual person. Dr Ilyadis listens, is compassionate and I truly feel seen for the first time in a long time in the medical realm. I would highly recommend Dr Ilyadis to my friends and family because she has truly made a difference in my life.
Mary StreepMary Streep
18:32 25 Apr 23
I Love the feeling of the office when you walk in. It is clean and bright and soothing. Amy is the wonderful person who runs the office and is a delight and extremely efficient. Dr. Ilyadis is Fantastic. She is kind and really listens to you. She even does home visits if you live within a certain distance. Who does that today ??? Very Happy so far !!!!
Holly MercuriHolly Mercuri
15:23 25 Apr 23
I could not be happier with Dr. Latia Ilayadis and her staff at Island Health, it’s been a true blessing for myself and my family. We love you Dr. Latia
Wayne CarignanWayne Carignan
22:37 26 Oct 22
Dr. Ilyadis is a compassionate and excellent doctor. She has been responsive to all of our medical questions and helped us through some difficult health issues. Dr. Ilyadis takes the time to listen and explain. We never feel rushed.
Jacqueline WilliamsJacqueline Williams
12:20 13 Oct 22
Dr. Ilyadis is very professional. She paid attention to what I was saying regarding my ailments. She never deviated from my concerns, she listened and went into action. I was amazed with her knowledge and patience. She even followed up with me to see how I was doing. Amazing. Thank you so much Dr. Ilyadis for everything.

Hi, I am Dr. Ilyadis

Since I was 7 years old, I dreamed of helping others by becoming a doctor. I had an innate desire to help others feel better and overcome sickness. I grew up watching my grandmother use multiple home remedies to make our whole family (including our dogs) feel better.  I never understood the science behind her methods, but they intrigued me. As I became older, I was on a quest to heal everyone around me. I sought to learn everything I could about evidence-based medicine and alternatives to heal anyone experiencing sickness or disease. 

This passion for seeing the people around me live full, vibrant, and energetic lives led me to pursue practicing medicine as my profession. I chose to become a physician for children and adults because I wanted to understand comprehensive care across the full spectrum of life.

My quest for knowledge to provide the best patient care led me to an educational pathway in the following areas.

For over a decade of practicing medicine my passion as a doctor is focused on nutrition and health outcomes.  I love guiding patients to live longer and experience an active lifestyle through healthy food options and eating habits.

Along with serving my patients with the highest level of care, I am also a wife and mother. Our family enjoys the outdoors here in Florida and we love staying active.

“I believe that the quality of our lives directly impacts the relationships around us. I have made it my mission to help the patients that I have the privilege of serving to maximize their life and relationships through optimal health.”

I invite you to schedule a consult with me to discover why Island Health Concierge Medicine is the right fit for you.

Dr. Latia Ilyadis

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My Specialties

Internal Medicine Physicians, sometimes known as Internists or Doctors of Internal Medicine, are experts in complexity. As an internist, I specialize in adult medicine, and I am specially trained to:

I pride myself on providing comprehensive patient care. I build life-long relationships with adult patients, and my recommendations are based on each patient’s unique situation.

Internal medicine physicians see the big picture. Our deep training and knowledge of the entire human body and its organ systems gives us a unique perspective of how everything works in unison. We analyze, consider, and make connections from multiple data sets, and identify solutions for optimal health outcomes.

Internal medicine physicians are known as the “doctor’s doctor” because they are often called upon by other medical professionals for their ability to connect the dots and help solve problems. Their expertise makes them vital to both patients and medical professionals.

When Your Physician is Overworked Your Health Concerns May Be Overlooked.

Understanding Pediatrics

What I do as your pediatrician:

As your pediatrician, I will see your baby many times from birth to age 2 and annually from age 2 to age 5 for “well-child visits.” After age 5, I will likely see your child every year for annual checkups. I will be the first person to call whenever your child is sick. In caring for your child, I will:

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